Our state-of-the-art digital displays deliver audience-targeted campaigns across the city with precision. The network delivers millions of impressions daily, and allows for ads to be triggered based on the cabs location, time of day, weather and data feeds.

Markets Available: Toronto


Concentrated in the hard-to-reach downtown core

Hyper-target audiences at relevant moments with dynamic content

Exclusive partnerships with leading cab companies

High-impact, eye-level, state-of-the-art displays

Your ads will play ONLY in preselected geographic zones that you choose. Setup geo zones in a number of ways:

Low CPM and no production fees

Reach people where other media formats cannot go

Ads can be triggered by weather, live events, traffic, sporting games and other real-time data feeds..

Day-parting: select the best hours to deliver your impressions or change creative depending on the time of day

Update creative on the fly with a moments notice

Exclusive takeovers available –run 100% SOV in targeted geo-zones