Statements Media has secured the rights to print full-colour ads on the back of parking receipts issued by the City of Toronto (Green P parking). These are the ‘Pay & Display’ tickets/receipts that are printed and placed on the dash of your car while parking – millions are printed every month and used for all street-side parking and Green P surface lots in the City of Toronto.

Markets Available: Toronto


Millions distributed monthly

14 cm x 4.5 cm full-colour ads

Innovative ad placements that won’t go unnoticed

Tickets are distributed from over 3,000 automated machines across the city, and used for parking at Green P surface lots and over 17,500 on-street parking spaces in Toronto

Tickets are printed from machine with ad facing upwards; immediately visible to consumer

Perforated middle line allows for redeemable coupons, while still retaining the receipt stub

Guaranteed distribution from automated machines with no wastage

Our parking receipts ads offer huge citywide reach and place your message directly in the hands of hundreds of thousands of vehicle owners. This innovative advertising concept is great for reaching consumers active in the marketplace with special offers or creating top of mind awareness.

In Partnership with the Toronto Parking Authority and Green P Parking.